This building is built by the order of Mirza Hassan Khan who was known as Nasir-Almolk and was one of Shiraz’s nobility. It took 12 years (1255-1267) to finish this monument.

The rebuilding of the building has started several years ago by Mahmoud Ghavam and it is still under reconstruction. This mosque has two bedchambers which are located on west and east and the one in the east is for winter because it is designed to be warm in cold weather.

There is a door behind this bedchamber which opens to a big well and the well is called cow well. The mosque has two northern and southern porches which are not identical and the northern one is much beautiful than the other one.

Northern porch has three half-arches on three sides and enters to the apron from the fourth arch. This porch has four balconies and the middle ceiling is decorated with muqarnases and bowl-shaped designs.