Fars, Marvdasht, Garm Abad Village, Several Thousand Years Of Iranian Glory In Persepolis

Short Term 17 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
1 room in area of 200 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area200 square meter
  • Rooms:1
  • WCs:2
  • Parking
Local Foods
helping with different local soups and Iranian dishes with agreed price
Historical Places
Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam (Less than 15 Km farther)
Tourism Places
Istakhr mountain, Dashtak and Kandazi tourism area
Fun Vehicles
horse, donkey, car, and …
More Details
A serene accommodation in Zagros mountain foothills and climbing the Istakhr mountain which has lots of historical monuments from Achaemenid period. And you can also visit the oldest Achaemenid dam and Ossuaries around the village.
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a cultural person with 28 years of experience in teaching - Member of Islamic Council
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