Kurdistan, Kamyaran, Palangan, Ceremony In Stairwise And Five Hundred Year Old Palangan Village In Oraman Of Kurdistan

Short Term 27 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
1 room in area of 110 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area110 square meter
  • Rooms:1
  • WCs:1
Local Foods
Fresh fish, fresh dairies
Historical Places
Palangan castle, Palangan old cemetry
Tourism Places
Geysers around the village, Sheikh Omar garden, Tangivar village, Sheikh Alaadin waterfall and other waterfalls around the village
Fun Vehicles
More Details
This place is designed to accommodate 5 persons.
Please contact us for more persons.
This village has beautiful architecture and has lots of fountain, waterfalls and you can enjoy a perfect serene nature of Kurdistan beside Tangivar river which is attached to Sirvan river.
This region of Kurdistan was very important in Seljuk period and Palangan castle signifies the importance of this village which is located above the mountain. Based on evidence from mosques, old houses and beautiful gardens we can conclude that its origin dates back to Samani period. The village has an ancient cemetery in which there are several tombs with Kufic engravings which date back to sixth and seventh centuries. Stairwise architecture is the most important feature of the village.
Palangan village has more than 20 fountains in Tangivar region which pour their pure water to Tangivar river and the fountains are beautiful to watch.
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